Always a party!

If you are looking for a band that your guests will be raving about months after your event, look no further. 39 Mariner is a group of talented, life-long musicians that bring their unique style of party to every event.  With high-energy, non-stop sets, 39M will have your audience rockin' from the very start and chanting for more by the end!


The 39 Mariner Wedding Mission Statement

The world is full of wedding bands. Each one brings something unique to the table...or at least that's what many people think. The truth is, we've all been to weddings in the past, and each time we hear the same music, see the same routine, and watch people react the same way: they sort of enjoy themselves. There are too many cookie-cutter wedding bands, represented in a tiered-pricing system, who are touted by the current "gotta have" wedding market. Why would you want to choose the quality of your wedding band on the basis of how "good" of a band you can afford? Why would you want to highlight your event's entertainment with the same type of band that played your Mom's wedding? Your friend's wedding? You don't have to.

39 Mariner represents a modern version of the wedding band. The song-list is fresh enough to get away from the traditional "wedding songs" yet diverse enough to appeal to every generation in attendance. 39 Mariner is high-energy, we will not just stand there and play behind music stands. We will be involved with your guests, bringing people on stage, lifting your guests to the dance floor, and getting everyone to sing along with the music. 39 Mariner will entertain with choreography, stage antics, and the type of enthusiasm that emerges from people who love what they do.

Our belief is simple: we're a group of guys who grew up in a new generation of music and entertainment, and we believe our generation should break the mold of the "traditional wedding." If the motivation behind your wedding reception is to stand out from the rest, let us help you in that effort. By booking 39 Mariner for your wedding you are guaranteed certain entertainment rights.

Your rights include:

  1. You deserve personal attention and the ability to customize elements of your entertainment
  2. You should not have to choose among bands tiered based on talent and performance polish
  3. You should not have to hear The Chicken Dance or see your guests forced to perform group dances
  4. You should not have to witness your guests wearing inflatable hats and playing inflatable air-guitar
  5. You should not have to listen to 'Rat-Pack' tunes for the entirety of dinner
  6. You deserve to have your names pronounced correctly during wedding party announcements
  7. You deserve seamless transitions between dinner, toasts, dancing, cake, dedication dances, and other special events
  8. You should not have to hear Mr 'DJ-Voice' announce these events as if your wedding reception was a monster-truck rally
  9. You deserve the peace of mind that everyone from Grandpa to your best friends will be dancing and singing
  10. You deserve the freedom to enjoy your reception knowing you hired the best

Most of all you deserve to enjoy the entertainment you hired to celebrate your wedding day. Good luck with planning your big day, and of course, let us know if we can be of any help.

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